Saturday, 9 November 2013

Bye Bye :(

I hate to say this but I'm leaving 'Sunglasses And Starbucks'! I'm no longer blogging or accepting FREE Custom Blog Designs but my friend Ellie from All-Nighter Designs, does FREE Custom Blog Designs too! So you can check her out too!

Co-Hosting Super Sunday Sync

Welcome to Super Sunday Sync #61!
Last week, only 66 blogs linked up :(  Help us double it and reach 130 link ups this week? I think we can do it!
Tweet, share, promote!

Stop by and say "HI" to your hosts:
Dawn's Disaster
Nugget on a Budget
Mail for Rosey

Our lovely Guest Hosts for this week. Please, stop by their blogs and give them some love!
Tiffany from Sunglasses and Starbucks
the Mommies from Mommy Blog Hoppers
The winner from last week: please be sure to add SuperSundaySync {at} gmail {dot} com to your safe list to ensure you will be notified that you have won.

Rules for the "Super-est" hop ever:
1)  Link up a family-friendly post {or your homepage if it will always be decent} that you think is SUPER! Please do not link up another hop or giveaway.
2)  Follow your hosts AND guest hosts {the first 5 links}, via Bloglovin and/or GFC. We also appreciate {and return} any Facebook Likes and Twitter Follows. Be sure to leave a comment telling us how you follow, we'll follow you back!
3)  Visit the blog before you, and a few others {the more, the merrier} and follow them. We're all looking to have more followers, that's why we're hopping, right?
4)  Grab a button and put it somewhere people will see. We'd love for this hop to continue to be a big success!

Super Sunday Sync

If you're interested being a Guest Host, please 

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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

NC Grown // Auteur Ariel
Tiffany from Sunglasses and Starbucks
Welcome to Recipe Swap Hop on Tasty Tuesdays!
Recipe Swap Hop is a fun link-up for all you chefs and cooks out there! If you have a yummy recipe you've posted in the past or have one you want to post now, link it up below! This is a great way to share your favorite recipes with fellow bloggers and to discover new ones! Also, every week we will spotlight our favorite recipes from the previous week so dust off those cookbooks and pick your best recipes to share!
BooBerry Smoothie
submitted by Moja from Four & Know More
--This recipe was perfect for Halloween last week! It's delicious and fun! Thanks for sharing Moja! 
How to join our link-up:
1) Follow the hosts: NC Grown and Auteur Ariel via GFC 2) Follow the guest host: Tiffany via GFC
3) Link up your blog post below using the widget [must be recipe/food-related!]
4) Post our button (grab it below) or a text link within your blog post so others can link-up as well!
NC Grown
We are also looking for co-hosts for our future Recipe Swap Hops! Email either one of us and we'll set it all up.
Ariel [] Jessica []
Link Up with a recipe of your choice!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Recently I was contacted by Ellie who blogs over at Little Vintage Camera, she asked me if I wanted to get involved in #BritishBloggerSelection and of course I said yes! It's basically an event where British bloggers are given a theme to blog about each week whether your post is a beauty post, fashion post, lifestyle... WHATEVER! Just as long as it's in theme!

This is a great idea for people who really want to get into blogging but never know what to blog about!

To be involved in this contact Ellie - Contact her with your first and last name, your blog name and your blog URL! Easy I know!

For information about it, where you can get a button and learn more go to her blog!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Co Hosting The Grab A Friend Blog Hop

Grab a Friend

Welcome to the weekly blog hop , Grab A Friend 
Link up here , answer a question , grab a blogger and be friends!

Every week this hop is created with lots of love + fun . So be sure to share it to more and more people ca catch up and our lovely little hop can be large with more friends ;)

Want to co-host? Shoot me an Email !

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Now the co-host

Kirstie from The Semler Life
The Semler Life

Sunglasses And Starbucks

When you go to follow your hosts , leave the answer to make their day + a bloggy present .  We all would love to share love back { will follow you back} .
This hop is for finding new friends & bloggy mates . So be sure to go and find yourself one .
I am so happy cheery to see you all linking up with us every Tuesday . Yip-yip , you're rah-king.
Twitter is a new addition in hop , so if you want some Twitter-holic bloggy mates so link up , hop around & grab some tweeeeeeeeter sweeties .

Q: Do you have a musical memory? What is it?

Kirstie :
I do! it's sort of embarrassing. I was in my highschool's madrigals {which is like the advanced choir} The show had ended but the lights were still dimmed. I wasn't watching and knocked into, fell over and broke our school's piano bench. I stood up fixed the bench and walked out totally embarrassed. 

Noor :
I once sang a traditional song in my uncle's wedding and everybody was surprised that I sing too well! This was  ....  kind of ....  A SURPRISE!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Co Hosting The Pin Junkie Blogiversary Link Party

I'm excited to say that today I'm co-hosting the 'Pin Junkie Blogiversary Link Party'. Yay! This is my first link party co-hosting posts that I get to create my intro, so bonus! I'm thrilled to be co hosting this link party.

These are your co-hosts for the Pin Junkie Blogiversary Party!  Please visit a few of these blogs to stop by and say hello!

Stuffed Suitcase 

”Love to be in the Kitchen  Rambling Reed Love, Pasta and a Tool Belt

My top 5 favourite post that will be linked up will be featured on my blog! If you want to see if you get featured on my blog or anyone else's blog than check them out too!

The rules for this link party are easy!

Here's what you need to know: 

1. Please follow your host & co-hosts!

2. Link back to this party in some way. You can do this by using a text link back or if you'd like use the special link party button!

The Pin Junkie Blogiversary Link Party

3. Link up something YOU made - it can be a craft, recipe, or project as long as YOU made it. Don't link up any giveaways, contests, or other link parties.

4. Link directly to a specific post - not your main blog. Please keep it family friendly!

5. Show some love by visiting some of the other links and HAVE FUN! I mean having fun is the most important rule... RIGHT?

How easy are those rules! Yay! Now start linking up!

It feels like forever since I put up my cute little signature! Now is the time I get to do it! (Can you tell I'm excited!)

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

#3 Pinkalicious Wednesday Blog Hop for HOPE

Welcome to #3 Pinkalicious Wednesday a blog hop for HOPE!

This blog hop is a special place for all our blogger friends to link up and spread breast cancer awareness. 
Hop around for HOPE and grab a few new friends
You'll be surprised at how much you have in common with your fellow bloggers. 

If your interested in co-hosting this blog hop, we do have some co-hosting spots availiable.

I HOPE you can spread the word, by tweeting about this blog hop and putting the 'Pinkalicious Wednesdays Blog Hop For HOPE' button on your blog.

Sleepless in DIY Bride Country

 photo yourhostbanner_zps3df93e24.png

 photo co-hostbanner_zps3d8a1866.png

Sunglasses and Starbucks  photo fd8947bd-904c-4852-8c00-a0adc9415dde_zpsff86b370.jpg

Supporting breast cancer has been a cause that is near and dear to our hearts.
By linking up your blogs with survivor stories, breast cancer facts, stories of how you support the cause, donation pages, letters to a loved one loss to breast cancer could help spread awareness.
It's definitely OK if you don't have any breast cancer stories or facts, all we ask is for you to link up your blog, and hop around you might find some interesting breast cancer information that way!

Here's a little statistic for you if you haven't been able to research breast cancer...1 out of 8 women have a chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. That's a real fact! If you have a family history of cancer, you should schedule an appointment every year to check for bumps. As well as always checking yourself at least once a month at home. 

I look forward to seeing what my blogger friends are up to this week! This blog hop will take place Every Wednesday this month! My goal is to continue this blog hop past October but we will see how well the blog hop does.

 photo linkyourblogbanner_zps7228a179.png

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