Thursday, 17 October 2013

Co Hosting The Pin Junkie Blogiversary Link Party

I'm excited to say that today I'm co-hosting the 'Pin Junkie Blogiversary Link Party'. Yay! This is my first link party co-hosting posts that I get to create my intro, so bonus! I'm thrilled to be co hosting this link party.

These are your co-hosts for the Pin Junkie Blogiversary Party!  Please visit a few of these blogs to stop by and say hello!

Stuffed Suitcase 

”Love to be in the Kitchen  Rambling Reed Love, Pasta and a Tool Belt

My top 5 favourite post that will be linked up will be featured on my blog! If you want to see if you get featured on my blog or anyone else's blog than check them out too!

The rules for this link party are easy!

Here's what you need to know: 

1. Please follow your host & co-hosts!

2. Link back to this party in some way. You can do this by using a text link back or if you'd like use the special link party button!

The Pin Junkie Blogiversary Link Party

3. Link up something YOU made - it can be a craft, recipe, or project as long as YOU made it. Don't link up any giveaways, contests, or other link parties.

4. Link directly to a specific post - not your main blog. Please keep it family friendly!

5. Show some love by visiting some of the other links and HAVE FUN! I mean having fun is the most important rule... RIGHT?

How easy are those rules! Yay! Now start linking up!

It feels like forever since I put up my cute little signature! Now is the time I get to do it! (Can you tell I'm excited!)


  1. Hi Tiffany! So happy to be co-hosting this party with you! I'm your newest follower! :)

  2. Hi Tiffany, just popping over to say hi since we're Blogiversary co-hosts. As a Seattle'lite, I'm always up for some Starbucks & Sunglasses! Bring on the caffeine and sunshine!

  3. This is a fun hop!
    Hope you'll be joining us at Meet & Greet too.

  4. I have enjoyed visiting my co-host blogs from the Pin Junkie party! This is fun! Love your wall paper!

  5. Following you from the grab a friend blog hop! Please visit and follow me back at

    1. Thanks for following me, I'll definitely follow you back!


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